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You’re doing good, buying those orgo veggies, working that farmer’s market, cookin’ up some real good wholesome foods every day.


What are you cookin’ up those real good wholesome foods IN?

That pan your mom bought you when you went to college in 2007? Or that pan you scored at HomeGoods for $19.99?

Don’t hate me, but I’m gonna tell you to get rid of it. Somebody told me the same thing. Well, not directly. I too was cruising the internet, reading up on the non-toxic, clean lifestyle and feeling good about myself and my choices. Until I stumbled…

I’m exaggerating. Only glyphosate, the main ingredient of Roundup, is in my Cheerios.

Glyphosate = “a widely used herbicide” that has been used “in the U.S. since 1974.”¹

Instead of Cheerios, maybe try a Nature Valley bar for breakfast. Oops, that has glyphosate in it too. How about a Fiber One Oatmeal Raisin cookie? Nope, that does too.

It’s ok, you think. I’ll just ingest my glyphosate in the morning and eat glyphosate-free the rest of the day. Limit my intake. Better put that hummus down, then. There’s glyphosate in there, too. Who knows in what else?

So. How did…

It’s not what you think. Unless you want to add that word before my F word, which is totally appropriate. F*** FRAGRANCE.


Learning about fragrance was what really spun me into the-world-is-ending pit of despair. I felt like I had been duped, lied to, brainwashed. It’s what led to me running like a maniac around my apartment, scanning ingredients and throwing things violently into the trash can. Start by watching Stink! if you want to go down the same pit of despair.

Fragrance was an enemy that had somehow infiltrated everything. And yet, I knew nothing about it. Do you?

For whatever reason, figuring out how to NOT use Ziploc bags was my number one no-waste-save-the-environment priority. I think it’s because I knew it would be easy for me and have an immediate impact on producing less trash.

I wouldn’t recommend re-using the Ziploc bags (because PLASTIC! and DYES!).¹ There are several more sustainable options.

  1. Beeswax Food Wraps
  2. Vegan Food Wraps
  3. Silicone Bags
  4. Stainless steel containers
  5. Glass containers

1.Let’s start with organic beeswax food wraps. They’re made out of beeswax (duh), organic cotton, organic jojoba oil, and resin. They last for about a year and can be composted once they…

I considered myself a pretty good human up until March 2020. I never littered, I didn’t put grease down the drain, and I would never throw a plastic bottle in the trash. I respected Mother Earth and thought I was being a good houseguest.

Until one evening, after unpacking a Costco haul, I looked at the pile of paper and plastic packaging that was left, and it hit me. What am I DOING? What is all this? Why do three cucumbers need to be individually wrapped in plastic? Why are the pierogis separated into three plastic containers and then held…


Just a concerned citizen doing some research and continuously learning on how to be a better human here on Earth.

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